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Our Guide to Pilsner Lager

Pilsner Lager

Our Guide to Pilsner Lager The great thing about being a beer enthusiast is that the world of beer has so much diversity of styles, tastes, textures and appearances to offer that no matter what the occasion there’s a beer that’s just perfect to make it pop! It doesn’t matter if you’re relaxing in front […]

Is Beer High In Potassium?

Is Beer High In Potassium? 6

Is Beer High In Potassium? For the beer enthusiast, there’s nothing more comforting to come home to at the end of a hard days’ work or more refreshing to mark the start of a long night out than a draught of foamy, cask-conditioned goodness. Whether you favour a thick, heavy stout, a dry, crisp pilsner […]

Gifts For Beer Lovers – The Complete Guide!

Gifts For Beer Lovers

(updated 03/07/2019) Want to celebrate a loved ones passion for beer but struggling to find gifts for beer lovers that say more than just a crate of Budweiser? Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for the beer lover in their life, and with our support, you’ll find the […]

Lucky Buddha Beer Review

lucky buddha beer

With its iconic laughing buddha shaped bottle and the word lucky printed on the neck, the Chinese beer is certainly one that stands out on the shelf. But will the Lucky Buddha leave you feeling fortunate, or will it feel as though the bottle is merely laughing at you? Let’s find out… A Little Background […]

Stout Beer, Learn All About It!

Stout Beer Header Image

Stout Beer, Learn All About It! Whether you’re a casual drinker or a beer connoisseur, you will know a little about stout beer. In fact, you’ve probably tried a pint or 10 of Ireland’s most famous alcoholic beverage. However, if – like most people – you’re still a little unsure about what separates a stout […]