Welcome to the Beer Olympics!

The likes of Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and Jackie Joyner will all tell you that competing at the Olympic games is the best feeling ever, but they’ve never tried the beer Olympics!

Nothing kicks a party into life quite like the winning combination of competing against your friends in the fast, frantic games and the road to drunkenness. You’ve already built your squads, but it’s equally imperative to find the right games for your truly memorable event. Here are four of the best.

Our Favourite Beer Olympics Games & Events

#1. Beer Pong

This Beer Olympics Event is one that you’ve probably played many times before and is the perfect way to get your beer Olympics up and running in style.

Each of the two teams (or individuals) will set up their cups on the table, and alternate turns of throwing a ping pong ball into the cups. When you land a ball in the opponent’s cup, they must fill it with beer and drink it before removing it from the table.

The winning player or team is the first to clear the opponent’s table.

Beer Olympics

#2. Volume Chug

Volume chug is a pretty simple game to understand: take a bucket and fill it with beer (1 can per team member) before taking turns to chug it as quickly as you can.

Many beer Olympians like to start with this game as it’s a great way to ensure everyone starts to get tipsy straight away. This is especially true if you use heats before getting to a grand final to determine the winner of the event.

You can operate this game as a time trial or with teams simultaneously doing battle.

#3. Spoons

Spoons should be a simple game to understand, but the fading sobriety by this stage of the Beer Olympics can put this in jeopardy. Thankfully, it’s still a lot of fun and includes a lot of drinking.

Place spoons on a table corresponding to the number of players minus one (so if there are six players use five spoons) and then deal out cards so that there are four of a kind multiplied by the number of players (six players = 4x 2,3,4,5,6, and 7).

As the ref says pass, each player must pass a card to the left. Once one player has a 4 of a kind, they grab a spoon to declare themselves a winner. All other players will rush to grab a spoon, with the loser of the round dropping out of the game and taking a drink.

Once you are down to three players, this is your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd decider.

#4. Garden Beer Relay

This is essentially the classic relay race. However, rather than simply running back and forth between two marks, you’ll need to introduce a beer too.

There are several ways to do this. You could either set a table of beers up at the halfway point of each leg. Or you could use drinking a beer from a cup as a form of passing the baton before the next player can move. For added fun, why not make it an obstacle course or use space hoppers too?

The winning team is the first to have all players return to the start/finish line.

By the time you’ve finished those four games, your Beer Olympics closing ceremony should be a cracker!

Beer Olympics Countries

Part of the fun of a Beer Olympics is coming up with an ingenious beer related team name. We have listed a few of our favourite Beer Olympics Team Names below to give you a head start!

1# Beermuda

2# Stout Korea

3# Alebania

4# Ginidad and Tobago

Beer Olympics Essentials

#1 Winners Medals!

You have to have something to show for all your hard work and dedication after all!

#2 Beer Olympics T-Shirts

A token to remember your proudest achievement for years to come!

We hope you enjoyed our Beer Olympics Events Guide, Thinking of having a Keg at your next beer Olympics? Read our guide to how many pints are in a keg to find out just how much beer you will be getting!

Beer Olympics Team Ideas

Designated Drinkers

Beer Pressure

Weapons of mass consumption

Jugs & Mugs

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The Belch Brigade

2 Girls 10 Cups


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