Beer Olympics Event Ideas & Guide

by breauxj10 | Last Updated: 10/01/2020

Welcome to the Beer Olympics!

The likes of Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and Jackie Joyner will all tell you that competing at the Olympic Games is the best feeling ever, but they’ve never tried the Beer Olympics!

Nothing kicks a party into life quite like competing against friends in fast, frantic games while enjoying an ever-increasing amount of beer. There are a few things you need to run a successful Beer Olympics. Read on kick-start your own Beer Olympics and create memories that last a lifetime (or night to time if you are eyeing up that gold medal)

Beer Olympics Countries

Now you know who is in your team, it is crucial to make sure that you represent your adopted Beer Olympics country with pride! Below are a few nations that you could choose to represent on this historic occasion.

We are sure there are more; let your creativity flow! You might need a beer to help with that, or maybe some food, why not read our cooking with beer guide? Or maybe even get some decorations made with supplies from crafty direct.

Represent Your Country

Once you have decided on your teammates and what nation you are going to represent, it is then time to kit out your team so that your opposition know to take you seriously.

Whether this is wearing the national dress of your chosen country, or through wearing simple t-shirts bearing your selected nation’s flag, make sure that your team stands out so that you do not lose sight of each other in the heat of competition.

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Walk On Music

Now that you have your team and your kit, no Olympics would be complete without an opening ceremony. Choosing your team’s walk-on music is not a decision to be taken lightly. When you walk into the event arena, your team needs to be fired up, and your opponents need to run scared. Choose wisely and walk into the beer Olympics, showing that you mean business.

Appoint A Referee (Optional)

If you think your beer Olympics is going to get particularly competitive, appoint a referee. This can be the one friend who can’t handle their drink, the designated driver, or that poor soul who has to go to work the next morning. A referee is particularly helpful when it comes to any tie-breakers or close calls.

Brew Your Own

What better way is there to embrace a beer Olympics than brewing your own beer? Our guide to the best beer making kits will surely set you off on the right foot!

Kings Cup

The classic drinking game is always a sure-fire hit at beer Olympics events. We have a complete guide to this epic game complete with full rules, fine our king’s cup guide here.

Beer Olympics Events

Beer Pong

This Beer Olympics Event is one that you’ve probably played many times before and is the perfect way to get your beer Olympics up and running in style.

Each of the two teams (or individuals) will set up their cups on the table, and alternate turns of throwing a ping pong ball into the cups. When you land a ball in the opponent’s cup, they must fill it with beer and drink it before removing it from the table.

The winning player or team is the first to clear the opponent’s table.

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Volume Chug

Volume chug is a pretty simple game to understand: take a bucket and fill it with beer (1 can per team member) before taking turns to chug it as quickly as you can.

Many beer Olympians like to start with this game as it’s a great way to ensure everyone starts to get tipsy straight away. This is especially true if you use heats before getting to a grand final to determine the winner of the event.

You can operate this game as a time trial or with teams simultaneously doing battle.

Yard of Ale Challenge

Take your volume chug to the next level and compete in a contest to drink a yard of ale. For this, you will need specialist equipment in the form of a yard of ale glass, but this challenge will truly separate the Olympians from the amateurs. Each glass contains approximately 2.5 liters of ale, so this may be a challenge that some don’t even manage to complete, you have been warned! For those not liking their chances with the full yard, half yard glasses are available.

Similar to a volume chug, this can be done as a time trial or against each other in teams. Passing the glass might cost your team valuable seconds, but could a new competitor improve drinking speed? It just got tactical.

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Case Race

This is the volume chug for those who don’t want the hassle of any extra equipment. Either individually or as teams, compete with each other to finish an entire case of beer the fastest. The team who finishes their case first wins.

When finishing the cans, make sure to save them and keep in them intact so that you can compete in event number four…

Ten Can Bowling

By the time you are part way through your Beer Olympics, you might find that you have a lot of empty cans. Instead of throwing them in the nearest bin, set them up as you would pins in a bowling alley and try to knock them all down with a ball or by rolling another can.

There are many variations of how to score in this game, but the simplest is that you take as many gulps as you knock down cans (e.g., five cans knocked down = five gulps), or you can nominate someone from an opposition team to down their drink each time you get a strike.


Spoons should be a simple game to understand, but the fading sobriety by this stage of the Beer Olympics can put this in jeopardy. Thankfully, it’s still a lot of fun and includes a lot of drinking.

Place spoons on a table corresponding to the number of players minus one (so if there are six players use five spoons) and then deal out cards so that there are four of a kind multiplied by the number of players (six players = 4x 2,3,4,5,6, and 7).

As the ref says pass, each player must pass a card to the left. Once one player has a 4 of a kind, they grab a spoon to declare themselves a winner. All other players will rush to grab a spoon, with the loser of the round dropping out of the game and taking a drink.

Once you are down to three players, this is your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd decider.

Garden Beer Relay

This is essentially the classic relay race. However, rather than simply running back and forth between two marks, you’ll need to introduce a beer too.

There are several ways to do this. You could either set a table of beers up at the halfway point of each leg. Or you could use drinking a beer from a cup as a form of passing the baton before the next player can move. For added fun, why not make it an obstacle course or use space hoppers too?

The winning team is the first to have all players return to the start/finish line.

Civil War Beer Pong

Civil war is an epic twist on the standard format of Beer Pong. This is a very fast-paced version of beer pong. Usually played 3v3 each player lines up with a triangle of cups in the classic 3-2-1 formation. The big difference if you don’t have to wait for turns so you can shoot at any time. You still have to drink before taking a shot if someone scores against you.

Balls can also be passed between teammates if you currently can’t drink, adding an intriguing tactical element to the game. The first team to eliminate all of the oppositions cups wins. Players who have been knocked out can help their teammates by collecting rebounded balls.

Flip Cup

Flip cup is another fast-paced drinking game perfect for a beer Olympics. In flip cup, players have to finish a cup of beer and then flip it. Normally played with two teams facing each other working down the line one by one after each successful chug and flip. The next player in the line may not begin their chug until the player before them has successfully flipped their cup. Whichever team flips the final cup successfully first wins.

Tower Build

One minute. One tower. This game is less about drinking and more about speed. Your team has to 60 seconds to build the highest free-standing tower they can out of empty bottles and cans. This game is trickier than it sounds. The challenge to this game is knowing when to stop. As a tower gets higher, the risk of collapse increases. With hand-eye co-ordination most likely not at its best, a team can go from winning to losing in a split second.

Dizzy Bat

This game is best played last for maximum hilarity. First, you need to nominate a batsman and a bowler from each team. The batsman has to down their drink as quickly as possible. They are then spun in a circle ten times. The bowler bowls the ball to the batsman, often with chaotic results due to their dizziness and drunkenness – Other teammates should stand well back! The first team to hit the ball three times wins and forever holds bragging rights for being the next Kevin Pietersen or Babe Ruth.

Beer Olympics Essentials

Winners Medals!

You have to have something to show for all your hard work and dedication after all!

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Shot Glass Trophy

A prize to be given the MVP, the real champion of the beer Olympics.

Beer Olympics T-Shirts

A token to remember your proudest achievement for years to come!

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We hope that our handy guide has given everything you need to get your Beer Olympics started. You might notice that we have not included a closing ceremony. If you all compete like true Olympians, we recommend that this involves kebabs, chips, sleep, and waking up with hazy memories of the night before. If you are looking for some special beer-related gifts make sure to check out our gifts for beer lovers guide.

Drinking games can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Please drink responsibly and ensure that you do not consume unsafe amounts of alcohol.