The Best Beer Making Kits

by breauxj10 | Last Updated: 26/11/2019

Do you love kicking up your feet and enjoying an ice-cold beer? There’s nothing better right? Well, what if we told you that you could create and craft your own beer. Yes, you can brew your own beer yourself and ensure that it has an absolutely exquisite taste you will absolutely adore. Can anyone complete this process? Well, it does take a little skill and some experience to gain the rewards here but our guide to the best beer making kits will help you find the perfect kit for you.

You do need to consider the different types of equipment that you need. Brewing kits come in a variety of different sizes and styles. You need to think about the right size of the kettle, whether you need an auto siphon and what on earth is a wort. You have a lot of research ahead of you but it all starts with finding the right brew kit for you. You need to think about the type of experience that you want and whether you are keen to brew beer on a grand level or something more personal. You might be curious about replacing a brew kit that you already have. If that’s the case, you could be interested in exploring more advanced features and options.

No matter what you need, we’re confident this guide is for you. We’ll help you find the best beer making kit for your needs. These options are great whether you’re new to this game or an experienced brewer. So, let’s get started.

Beer Droid Automated Brewing System

Marketed as a fully automated brewer system, this product will allow you to brew 2.6 gallons with just one click. A modern system, the device is connected online and that mean you can monitor it from afar using a remote system. Since it is connected to the wifi, this also ensures that you can receive build updates to the software. It ensures that if there are any glitches or issues with a firmware update, they can quickly be ironed out which means the device is always improving.

In terms of other technology that make this device worth considering there is a sophisticated LCD screen. You can use this to check the status as well as control the temperature and generally fully customize your brew. The tech doesn’t stop there either. This device includes EOF tech that will tell you when your beer is ready for kegging. Everything about this system is designed to make brewing beer simple, efficient and effective.

The brewing process is a piece of cake and went very smoothly with the help of the videos that are available through my mobile app (and online). I meant to take pictures/video of this, but I was done almost as soon as I’d started. I kicked off the brewing process with my mobile app and walked away. The app keeps you up to date on progress through the brewing process and prods you when it’s time to keg. All very seamless!


You get the Americal Pale Ale BrewPrint included too. This is a great starting point for any new brewer and is sure to go down a treat if you’re making beer to serve to guests.

If you want a device that provides a more hands-on feel when brewing beer, then this may not be the best option for you. The device is foolproof and could be described as a brewing computer. You are even provided with videos that help you handle things every step of the way from the sanitizing process to the brewing itself. The system will keep you updated throughout the process too, so you won’t have to keep checking up.

This product is quite expensive and easily one of the most costly options on the market, but there’s a lot of tech packed in that make it worth the price. You’re getting a modern system that utilizes all the latest tech that you might expect and potentially a lot more. As well as this, when you consider price, it’s worth remembering that the time and effort cut out using this product is also saving you money. So in the long term, you could actually be paying less.

If you’re looking for a device that is going to fit in your kitchen, this has quite a sleek and modern design. You won’t have to worry about putting this on display in your home. With a matte black design and contrasting silver features, it looks fantastic. It’s compact, yet large enough to easily cater to the typical beer brewing needs.

You could be an experienced brewer who loves the final result but hates the process. Manual brewing does take quite a lot of time. You need a couple hours planning, five hours of cooking the recipe and a couple hours after brewing. This device cuts all that time out of the process, allowing you to enjoy the final product. With this product, you only have to spend fifteen minutes preparing the brew and completing basic processes such as opening various packets and pouring them inside. It is also quick to brew too! You’ll find that the whole process takes about five days.

You’ll find the customer support when you buy this product is great too. If you lose or misplace any of the crucial pieces such as the poppets, the company will typically send you replacements in no time at all.

One thing to be aware of is that while the LCD screen is of high quality, the light cannot be switched off. So, it could be irritating if you set it up in a room that you frequent through the evening. However, the light is powerful enough to consider it as a nightlight for the kitchen which is useful.

Ultimately, what this system will provide you with is a talking piece. It will ensure that when you do have guests over you can boast that you brew your own beer without actually needing to do any of the work!

Beer Driod
The BeerDroid is the world’s first fully automated personal brewer. You can brew 2.6 gallons of premium quality beer with the push of a button.
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01/11/2021 09:59 am GMT
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Brooklyn Brew Shop

If you are interested in a more basic kit that isn’t so tech-oriented then this product could definitely be for you. As soon as you unpack the product, you’ll see that the Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday Making kit certainly lives up to its name. You do get a lot of items included in the kit including a glass fermenter, ingredients, and basic brewing equipment. This can certainly be seen as a starter kit and it’s great if you want to dip your toes into the home beer brewing world. The idea with this kit is to make home brewing simple while avoiding the automated processes.

It does, however, provide you with step by step instructions which means that you can’t really get lost brewing your own beer here. This will brew about a gallon of alcohol which is a great starting point but certainly not what you want if you are thinking commercially on any level. The beer produced if you follow the instructions provides a great taste and a solid kick.

It’s worth noting that you can brew with everything included in this kit. However, you may also want to opt to get a few other items including a large mesh strainer and a funnel. The kit doesn’t come with anything for bottling either but you can easily find the bottles that you need online.

This kit truly does streamline the process of all grain brewing. If you are considering entering the home-brew family, I would definitely suggest starting with a one gallon kit such as this one. The directions are listed on Brooklyn Brewing’s website and are relatively intuitive and accompanied by a helpful video which overviews the whole process in around two minutes

Joshua – Amazon Customer

The price is quite low and what you get from a first purchase is enough ingredients to brew ten beers. You can then invest in more ingredients for a lower cost, using the original pieces of kit purchased.

To start brewing, you just need to head to the website for the product. Here, you will find instructions that are easy to follow. For those who prefer more direct advice, there’s also a video but be aware beginners may find this difficult to understand at first. For instance, it does not provide details on the amounts of ingredients that you need, so there may be a little trial and error. However, some brewers will almost certainly find this part of the fun.

Since the brewing process is quite simple it is also rather quick. This means that you can essentially, completing brewing on the first day in about three hours and one hour for bottling. The whole process will take about one month to complete.

One of the issues with this kit is the thermostat. You may find that it simply isn’t as effective operating as it needs to be. You can easily get a replacement that the company will send you free of charge if yours is faulty. But you may want to invest in a separate one for a greater result.

With this kit, you do get a more realistic brewing experience compared to some of the options on the market. If you enjoy it, you’ll probably move on from this kit to one of the other options available that allow for larger batches. However, this can be great for getting to exploring different recipes yourself. Once you have the kit, you can also use any ingredients you like. You don’t have to keep relying on the packets provided by Brooklyn.

If you do use the ingredients and the instructions that the company provides, you will be delighted with the taste of this beer. It offers a sweet, refreshing finish and will even have a great head if all goes well. If you have a little experience brewing beer and want a reusable item that provides most of what you need for the experience then this could certainly be the right kit for you.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Bruxelles Blonde Beer Making Kit
The Bruxelles Blonde Beer Making Kit is perfect for beginners. Brooklyn Brew Shop makes brewing beer at home simple, fun, and tasty with easy-to-follow videos and step-by-step instructions. Using only seasonally-inspired, real ingredients,
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Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Kit

This is another budget-friendly beer brewing kit that is going to be beneficial to those who are just getting started. The kit provides you with enough ingredients and items to brew one gallon of your product and is reusable once you buy more ingredients. The aim is to provide you with the full beer brewing experience without the hassle and give you the true taste of Oktoberfest in your home. It’s a product designed for the first timer and delivers a full guide to help you get started.

The kit includes a 6.5 rubber stopper as well as bottle filler and siphon. All these items are quite basic but they work well and for what you pay you won’t be disappointed. The company is also quick to respond and replace any broken items or pieces of equipment that you may have. You do not get beer bottles with the product, but you can purchase these yourself if want to transfer the brew into these. If you don’t want to buy bottles, then you can use growlers that have been effectively sanitized.

Those on a health kick will also be delighted to find that the ingredients provided deliver a gluten-free beer. In terms of taste, it is a delightful final result. Just a tad sweet, the beer is smooth and could be compared to a typical Belgian Dubbel.

I purchased this Craft A Brew hefeweizen kit for myself to get started in home brewing. I am essentially a novice when it comes to homebrew, but I have done an all grain batch with my dad.
First off, the equipment in this kit appears to be the same set of items that you get in other similar priced kits from other companies. The difference between the similar beer kit companies with this type of kit seems to be in the included recipe ingredients, and then branding & packaging. I picked this particular kit from Craft A Brew because they were one of the only ones I found that offered a hefeweizen mix.

Mark – Amazon Customer

The brewing process is quite quick too. In total, it will take around two or three weeks to ferment. That’s less than the first two products on this list but that’s to be expected. Particularly, when you consider the fact that you are getting a lower amount of beer as an end result. That said, a gallon is still more than enough as long as you’re not thinking about turning this into a business venture just yet.
While this kit does provide you with virtually everything that you need to complete the process, there are a few extra tips to make your brewing process more successful. For instance, you do need to ensure that you have a large pot to boil the wort. You can probably use any pot that you might have in your kitchen.

One of the biggest benefits of this particular kit is that the instructions are simple and easy to follow. This means that regardless of your experience level, you should have no problem crafting your first batch. Although, you might have issues if you don’t get the amounts perfect for the different ingredients, particularly the sugar. If you are not using the full instructions, then there will be some trial and error as you attempt to find the perfect final product for you.

You do only get a single brew with this kit. However, as pointed out, it should be considered a starting point whereby you can build or grow your hobby. It does, unfortunately, mean that if you get it wrong the first time, then you will need to buy more ingredients to try again. That said if you do make sure you follow what are very detailed instructions you shouldn’t find this is an issue. It has been created with new brewers in mind.

The bottom line then is that for the price you pay for this is a great piece of kit that you will be able to reuse if you buy more ingredients. While there are some crucial pieces of kit missing, namely the bottles, you’re still getting a great deal. The solid instructions also ensure that you will not have to worry about getting lost when you are completing this process. It is the perfect blend of the manual process with a little experimentation included.

Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Kit​
This is another budget-friendly beer brewing kit that is going to be beneficial to those who are just getting started. The kit provides you with enough ingredients and items to brew one gallon of your product and is reusable once you buy mo
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Northern Brewer Home Brew Starter Kit

At double the price of the two previous offerings on our list, this one isn’t particularly cheap. But what you get for your money is a kit with equipment for a tremendous five gallons of beer. Though still marketed as a starter kit, this one probably isn’t going to disappoint those more experienced in this field.

When you purchase this product, you do get a complete set of instructions and that means that you won’t get lost trying to make your first product. If you are struggling with the comprehensive and somewhat complex instructions, the company does provide a full YouTube video that takes you through the process step by step.


It is also built to provide everything you need to start brewing and deliver a flavor that you and potentially your guests are sure to love. You do get a stainless steel brew kettle with this kit which is likely the cause for the increase in price. However, you will still need to purchase your own bottles. The good news is that you don’t need a carboy to make this beer as long as you follow the instructions provided. The aim of this kit is to skip that step completely with a 2 stage fermentation system.

Are you looking brew a smaller batch? If so, then this kit might not be best suited for you. It’s true to say that you’ll get the most benefits and indeed the greatest result by sticking to the recommended five gallons. Those looking to brew less than this should consider opting for one of the cheaper products on our list.

Be aware that while the kit does come with everything you need for the first brew, you will only have enough sanitizer for one gallon. As such, you will need to invest in more eventually.

The fermentation process is relatively quick for five gallons, but it is recommended that you add on two weeks after the beer has been bottled. This will provide a greater taste to what is an already rather fantastic result.

There are a few pieces of kit that you might expect to be included based on the price which are not. These include a cylinder, beer thief, thermometer and hydrometer. While not essential for the process they certainly improve the experience and make it easier. Some of these are also included with cheaper options on the market.

While there are difficult parts of the process, this kit is largely suited for those new to the beer brewing experience. This is largely thanks to the detailed instructions that provide to be very helpful. Those experienced in the brewing hobby will also find that they can upgrade to this from a one beer glass bottle kit and develop a high-quality product. While you can brew your own beer using this kit, you will find that the kit they provide does go down an absolute treat.

You might find that you have difficulty with the lid on the product as it does not seal fully. However, it’s worth noting that this is a design aspect of the kit. It is used to ensure that gases can escape rather than provide something that is completely airtight.

Overall, this is a solid kid that does provide all the essential parts with the exception of the bottles. The final product is a sweet tasting beer that does offer a smooth finish. Though more expensive than some other options on the market, it might be worth it to gain more ingredients and a solid stainless steel brewing pot. It even provides a bottle capper and you do usually have to buy items like that separate.

Northern Brewer Home Brew Starter Kit
Overall, this is a solid kid that does provide all the essential parts with the exception of the bottles. The final product is a sweet-tasting beer that does offer a smooth finish.
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Home Brew Ohio Kit

This is another kit that provides you with enough ingredients and the right equipment to produce five gallons. However, similar to the previous product on our list, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s just suited for those familiar with the beer making process. It is a tad more expensive than the previous option but the product is solid and provides a fantastic final result. You also do get a glass carboy which is a welcome addition and a range of useful pieces of equipment.

A high-quality product, the item is designed to be easy to use and simple to set up. It is also built to last and ensure that you can reuse the equipment provided again and again to get the same great results. Similar to other products on this list, you do not get everything you need to start brewing.


You’ll need bottles and caps, the hydrometer vial and ingredients.
Yes, this is the first product we have reviewed where no ingredients come with the item. That may disappoint you if you’re used to products where some ingredients are standard. However, it does mean that you can essentially start fresh and create whatever product you want. That is one of the reasons why we’re leaning towards saying this item isn’t for those new to the process. Aside from the ingredients, you have everything you need in this kit to make a fantastic complete batch of beer.

In terms of durability, you should expect this product to last at least three years, even with heavy use. At this point, you may find that the capper or a similar piece of equipment does break. But that’s honestly a great result and will beat most other products on the market. The quality of craftsmanship can be seen when looking at where the spigot has been drilled on this product. Often it will have been put either too low or high which causes issues. Here’s it’s in the perfect position for a quality result.

The good news is that you can use this product to brew virtually anything. The product does come with a recipe book so you aren’t completely thrown in at the deep end here. The recipes provided deliver products that taste fantastic too. So, if you’re not yet ready to experiment with different ingredients then this does offer a fantastic starting point.

You might be disappointed with some of the items and equipment included here. For instance, the thermometer provided is actually a sticker. As such, some people will be more comfortable purchasing their own. This means that you will need to pay a little more to get the equipment you want. But the basic building blocks are certainly there.

As a first time brewer, you won’t have any issues with using this product as long as you follow the ingredient book provided. Otherwise, you might find that you need a couple of attempts before you discover a brew that provides the right taste. Some buyers will love the adventure this provides and this product is definitely ideal for experimenting.

We’re happy to say that this product is another example of fantastic customer service. If you do notice an issue with the equipment or that any items are damaged, then it’s easy to get the replacements that you need. The company will send them out immediately and get you back on track.

All in all, this is a solid product and one that will serve you well as someone new to brewing or experienced in the craft. It is a little expensive when considering the items you get and the fact that there are no ingredients. However, it is designed and built to a solid standard which is not always the case with these beer making kits.

Home Brew Ohio Kit
A high-quality product, the item is designed to be easy to use and simple to set up. It is also built to last and ensure that you can reuse the equipment provided again and again to get the same great results.
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Which is right for you?

As you can see, there is plenty of beer making kits on the market for you to consider and choose from. So, you just need to find the right option for your needs. Think about brewing time, the amount you want to make and how much equipment you want to be included in the kit. If you’re willing to spend and would love the final result without the work an automated product like the Beer Droid is going to be the best option. Alternatively, if you want a more hands-on approach, you may want to consider the Brooklyn Brew kit. New brewers should consider a kit that makes between one and two gallons. In contrast, experts or those interested in taking this more seriously would be better equipped with a kit for five gallons. We hope you have fun getting to grips with this fantastic new hobby, regardless of which kit you choose.