The Best Kegerators 2020

by breauxj10 | Last Updated: 20/01/2020

Any beer you want, on draft, at home. That is the dream sold by Kegerators, so its no surprise so many find their way into American homes. We all want that foamy goodness in our own homes. But a Kegerator is a big purchase; you need to get it right!

Well, don’t fear, this is where our buyer guide comes in. We have extensively compared and reviewed some of the most popular kegerators of 2019. Allowing you to get the best home beer experience possible. Your welcome.

Our Top Pick

EdgeStar KC2000

The perfect mix of value and quality. The EdgeStar KC2000 is our recommenced kegerator for everyone except those lucky few with an unlimited budget. The EdgeStar holds either 1/4 or 1/2 kegs, but unlike some of the other choices on our list it does not hold coors, millers or rubberized kegs.


This kegerator comes with a built-in thermostat with an impressive cooling range, allowing for cooling all the way down into the ’30s. Yes, it’s not digitally controlled, but at this price point, that’s not to be expected, and to be truthful a luxury feature.

External CO2 Storage

Whilst not maybe top of most peoples list when considering a Kegerator this is one feature you may appreciate more than you think. Due to the CO2 being kept external you can squeeze larger kegs inside, and also allows for easier changing when your CO2 starts running low.

Most Features

Kegco K309SS-2

If you have done your kegerator research, then you will have undoubtedly heard of kegco. They make some of the finest kegerators on the market, and this one is no different.


One of the features that sets this apart from other kegerators on our list is its vast interior. It can hold full-size kegs, miller kegs, Coors kegs, and rubber kegs. Allowing for a lot of versatility when it comes to your beer. If you’re having a few friends round, then you can even set up with multiple Cornelius kegs, allowing for a different beer on each of the dual taps.

Digital Cooling Control

The kegco comes with a high end price tag, but also high end features. One such feature is the cooling technology. Digital controls allow you to fine-tune the temperature of your chosen beverage. The Kegco can cool all the way down to a frosty 32 degrees, whilst providing even cooling all the way down your keg.


Build quality. This is the one consistent problem with this kegerator and is what prevented it from being our top pick. You are paying a premium price but unfortunately not entirely receiving premium quality. For instance the beer faucets are not stainless steel and numerous customers have reported them freezing up after a few beer pours. Regulator leaks, fan issues and more have also been known. This is not out of the ordinary, all electronic devices will have issues every now and again. But when your paying nearly a $1000 you expect a little better.

Still, a great kegerator and comes in near the top of our list, but those quality issues prevent it from being our recommended choice.