Gifts For Beer Lovers 2020 Guide

by breauxj10 | Last Updated: 12/01/2020

Gifts For Beer Lovers

Want to celebrate a loved ones passion for beer but struggling to find gifts for beer lovers that say more than just a crate of Budweiser? Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for the beer lover in their life, and with our support, you’ll find the perfect gift in no time.

While buying bottles for the beer connoisseur may sound like a great plan, the likes of standard lagers and ales can seem a little insincere due to the fact that you could buy them from your local 7/11. Conversely, trying to introduce a friend or relative to beers from around the world can backfire spectacular – especially if the tipple you choose fails to deliver the tastes they love.

Nonetheless, it would be a huge shame to ignore their passion for beer, not least because there are so many gifts that can celebrate this passion while actively enhancing their experiences on a regular basis. For this very reason, we have compiled our selection of gifts for beer lovers that are sure to hit the spot! So without further ado, here are eight of the best.


Saucey Socks

You can’t beat a treat for the feet, and Saucey Socks boasts a number of funky drink-related designs that are sure to raise a smile. Whether given as a standalone stocking filler or used to make the gift of their favorite drink seem a little more heartfelt, these socks are the perfect present.

The catchy slogan printed across the soles of the beer design reads “If You Can Read This Please Bring Me A Beer”, which is fun and cheeky while also a nod to a love of the amber nectar. Our favorite pair of socks is the light grey option that also displays a tiled pattern of beer glasses.

A darker grey design that merely shows the words without the pattern offers a more subtle design that is perhaps better suited for daily use around the office too. Either way, the Saucey Socks come in various sizes and are affordably priced. They are manufactured from high-quality cotton (80%) while the designs are knitted in, which removes any fear of fading.

The Saucey Socks are also available in designs depicting wine and coffee. As far as the beer lover in your life is concerned,  though, there’s only one solution. A perfect stocking filler or an additional fun gift. These socks rock!

Saucey Socks
The perfect gift by themselves, or bundle these with a bottle beer and give a unique and fun gift to the beer lover in your life.
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Insulated Beer Mug

Nothing beats a fresh cool beer, and that’s something no beer lover will contest. Unfortunately, even a lager that has been kept in the fridge will soon climb to room temperature once it has been poured. The ability to make this outcome a thing of the past is something that even a casual beer enthusiast will approve of. The Pure Copper insulated beer mug is the perfect solution.

The insulated beer mug is designed to use two impenetrable steel layers, which surround a layer of airspace, to keep the beverage cold at all times. While the receptacle isn’t exclusive to beer, there’s no doubt that lagers, ales, and other brews are the greatest candidates by far.

In addition to the double wall of stainless steel, the Pure Copper design is copper plated for a stylish look that combines traditional heritage with a contemporary and modern feel. More importantly, the 17oz capacity is capable of storing a whole pint and a delicious head of foam.

Whether the recipient drinks like a fish or prefers to savor the flavor, the insulated beer mug is a clever device that will bring years of function to enhance the home drinking experience.

Insulated Beer Mug
WARM BEER?! Screw that! What if your favorite beer stayed ice cold to the last drop? This insulated beer mug has you covered!
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Wood Bottle Cap Mat

Beer-related home décor accessories are a firm favourite with beer lovers, and bar mats are a regular feature. While taking a five finger discount on the latest Samuel Adams mats from the local sports bar would be a great way to save money, it’s hardly a gift that will impress your recipient – or the owner of the bar. Thankfully, the USA map wood bottle cap mat is sure to bring a better response.

The glossy wood beer cap mat is designed to show a map of the USA and embraces incredible detailing. The 24” by 14” board can hold up to 69 bottle caps, covering domestic and imported beers as well as twist caps. The 1.4” thick board is ready to be mounted and includes the necessary attachments.

UV resistant properties ensure that the wood will continue to look incredible for years to come. Whether used as a singular decoration or as part of a bigger overall look, there’s no doubt that it will look incredible once full.

This gift is perfect for anyone that has a home bar, a nice patio area, or a large kitchen diner space that incorporates a rustic look. Why not buy them a bottle to help them get the cap collection started in style too?

Beer Cap Map
Measuring 24” x 15”, this beautiful wall art holds 77 bottle caps. Imported, domestic, craft beer and even soda caps will fit in the holes with ease. Remove and replace caps whenever you want to give the map a different look
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Frosty Beer 2 Go Bottle Cooler

Keeping beers cool at home is challenging enough, but keeping them cool while out and about can be infinitely more robust. Until now. The Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go vacuum beer cooler makes this a thing of the past.

The double walled stainless steel design can be used to keep any can or bottle cool for many hours, making it the ideal accessory for any beer drinker that loves fishing, camping, or any other outdoor activity that could be enhanced by a nice cool brewski. Simply take a beverage out of the fridge and put it in the portable carry device to keep it nice and cool throughout the day.

Another beautiful design touch comes via the built-in bottle opener. The thought of not being able to get into the beer can become a thing of the past, which could save the recipient’s teeth. While the Beer 2 Go cooler is compatible for any beverage that comes in a bottle or can, there’s no doubt that beer is where the benefits can be truly enjoyed.

The beer bottle cooler is available in multiple colors including black, silver, and copper as well as a special design that carries the American flag. Whichever option you choose, the recipient will never have to suffer the disaster of a warm beer ever again.

Asobu Frosty Beer Can Cooler
Asobu’s Frosty Beer 2 Go is the ultimate beer chiller combination for beer bottles as well beer cans
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Rubber Bottle Cap

The Beer Savers bottle caps are silicone bottle caps that fit over the opening of any standard bottle as well as some larger brands. This makes them the ideal accessory to stop beers going flat while they can also be used as a safety precaution at social events ranging from parties to club nights.

Each pack comes with six bottle caps included – they are blue, yellow, green, red, orange, and purple) – which also allows each person to identify their beer to prevent the threat of germs spreading. Furthermore, plugging the bottle opening prevents major spillages should the bottle accidentally be knocked over.

The bottle caps are dishwasher safe while the food silicone material is built with longevity and durability in mind. While they provide a secure fit once inserted, the silicone material can easily be squeezed and removed from the bottle allowing the user to resume their drink in style.

While the idea is pretty simple, there’s no doubt that the Beer Savers can make a significant impact in the user’s life. Whether your beer lover is 21 or 81, this is a great little gift that can be paired with a range of other products. Perfect to keep your homebrewed beers fresh, if you love homebrew then our guide to the best brew kettles will be perfect for you.

Silicone Bottle Cap
Designed to help keep beer fresh and safe. Made of food-safe silicone
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Beer Bites

While there’s nothing wrong with sipping a cool beer on its own, alcohol is often best enjoyed as an accompaniment to food. The biggest hurdle, however, revolves around finding the right recipes. With Beer Bites by Christian DeBenedetti and Andrea Slonecker, your lucky recipient will never be short of inspiration ever again.

The recipe book includes 65 simple creations from around the globe and includes clear instructions and photography to guide the reader through the cooking process. Even a novice can be made to look like the king or queen of the kitchen, not least because it offers incredible advice regarding foods and drink pairings too.

Whether needing a few snacks for a party or a full meal for a dinner party, Beer Bites is a perfect read. Home brewed beverages and store-bought beers will taste even better when supported by these stunning dishes. It’s also the perfect way to encourage a loved one to start cooking.

Better still, beautiful foods can be used to soak up some of the alcohol. Let’s face it; anything that can increase the fun and reduce the threat of nasty hangovers can only be a winning combination. If you are interested in cooking with beer then maybe our handy guide will be right up your street, find the cooking with beer guide here.

Beer Bites Recipe Book
This collection serves up 65 globe-roaming and simple recipes from appetizers to snacks and main courses that go beyond typical pub grub with recommendations of beer styles and widely available must-try brews for each dish
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Wood Beer Barrel Mug Set

What’s better than one beautiful beer receptacle? A set of them. The beautifully designed and handmade set of wood beer barrel mugs from MyFancyCraft are the perfect addition to any beer-loving household.

The internal part of the receptacle uses the double stainless steel to keep beer cold (or hot drinks warm) while the outer oak is designed to resemble a beer barrel, presenting a truly stunning mug. It brings a touch of the medieval banquets to the home too. Esthetically speaking, the artwork is simply incredible.

Each mug boasts a large 20 oz capacity, making them suitable for British pints as well as American measures. Meanwhile, the paints and varnishes used for the creation offer a safe and non-toxic finish that is guaranteed to last.  These will become the recipient’s favourite mugs and can take pride in the home bar or at dinner parties and other gatherings.

Singular items, including mugs that carry a message on a plaque, are also readily available while the 6-piece oak mug set is also presented in a 3-piece package. Either way, they are sure to make a big impression with any beer enthusiast. A perfect receptacle for a homemade beer, read our guide to the best beer making kits

Handmade Beer Mug Set
handmade oak wood mug accomplished in a dark brown color. The stainless steel cup inside the wooden casing of the mug will keep the temperature of the beer colder, for a longer period of time during the summer
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Copper Mule Mug Set

Sertodo Copper has manufactured a number of impressive drink containers, but the copper mule mug set is the best. The stylish appearances, 18 oz capacity, and incredible durability ensure that these mugs are sure to impress visitors. Most importantly, they are certain to impress the lucky recipient.

Crafted from copper, the hand-hammered design boasts a beautiful shine while the metal is toughened to handle frequent usage. While they carry a uniform look, the individual properties of each unit certainly add a touch of class and elegance that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The set of four 100% copper mugs boast strong antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The use of tig welded handles, and no lacquer adds to those design traits to ensure that all products are built to retain their stunning appearances and reliable functions for many years.

Any recipient will love the copper mugs, which are also available individually or in pairs. Meanwhile, the range also includes a separately sold pitcher if you’re looking to create an even bigger impact.

Sertodo Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set
Ancient Craft, Modern Design. Sertodo Copper stands on the edge of our rapidly changing world maintaining a balance between the ancient and the modern with a deep respect for our craft and the work of the human hand.
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The Verdict

If a friend or relative loves beer or enjoys nothing more than hosting small gatherings at home, buying a gift that’s related to beer in some shape or form is an ideal solution. And, as each of the eight ideas above highlight, there’s no need to stick with the tired routine of buying a few beers – although a few bottles of their favorite tipple can certainly enhance their drinking experience.

Better still, given your close relationship with the recipient, it’s very likely that you’ll gain some personal benefits later down the line too. Let’s not kid ourselves – this is certainly a bonus that’s worth embracing with open arms. In fact, you might even treat yourself to some of those products by ordering two.

I suppose we should use this junction to emphasize the need to drink responsibly at this juncture, but you already know that.

Ultimately, then, receiving gifts is great and beer is even greater. Combine the two with your future gift-giving ventures for the beer lover in your life, and the fun (as well as the beer) will soon be flowing. What more could anybody ask for? We hope we helped you in finding the perfect gifts for beer lovers!