Glowing Beer Pong Table Our Review

Glowing Beer Pong Table

Our Complete Review

If you want to take your beer pong game to the next level then this glowing beer pong table is a sure fire way to do it!

This Beer Pong table features a brightly glowing LED strip which wraps around the edge of the table. 

When the party starts getting late this glowing beer pong table will certainly add an extra dimension to the event! The lights add a bowling alley feel to your game of beer pong.

The table can be easily folded up to be transported to different events and is nice and lightweight.

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The lights can glow up to 20 different colors and even include multiple operation modes including flash, solid & fade.

One often overlooked feature of this table that we fell in love with is the built in cup holders. These make setting up the table a breeze. They also really help with reducing spillages, even when the players are getting a bit worse for wear!


Party pongs tables has tons of designs, many of them are glowing beer pong tables. The one we got had the USA flag design. The quality on the finish of the design is really high, even after multiple uses there was no signs of wear and tear.


The glowing beer pong table packs up really small, a massive help when transporting it to parties. One plus that comes from folding up the table is that the design looks really impressive when folded, almost as if you have a custom carry case for your beer pong table. A small feature but still looks cool.

The table folds up to 2ft x 2ft and comes complete with carry handles. It also only weighs 26 pounds, making it super easy to carry.

The lights are also battery powered (3xAA) so you don’t have to worry about finding a outlet when taking your table out of the house.

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The Lights

As we have said before, the lights can glow up to 20 different colors and have multiple modes.  They are a complete strip of LEDs that run around the edge of the table. They are quite bright and really improve the look of the table. The speed of the effects can also be adjusted along with the brightness, a really nice touch.

The Result

We love this glowing beer pong table, if you are in the market for a beer pong table either for yourself or as a gift then you can’t go wrong with this. It is a little expensive but well worth every cent. Highly recommended.