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Replica Old World Globe Bar

This replica globe bar is the perfect fit if you are after a traditional home bar. The top of the globe opens to reveal your extensive drink collection stored elegently within! This design is a timeless classic and comes atr a very affordable price. The globe is spacious inside with lots of storage in the bottom compartment. The dome is a sort of glued on printed affair (you cant really expect it to be painted at this price point though!). We managed to fit 3 bottles in the inside portion of the bar and then another 9 wine bottles in the storage rack at the bottom.

Cocktail Bar Table

This is a compact modern bar table that makes brilliant use of small spaces. This is really easy to set up, we had it all built in around 15 minutes! The table has a matte finish with chrome detailing. The bar has hangers on the underside of the top panel that look great with wine glasses hung in them.

Product dimension (LxWxH): 47 x 15.5 x 41.5in

Liquor Storage Cabinet Home Bar

This cabinet takes a while to assemble but is well worth it. A very simplistic design will work well in a wide variety of homes. The built-in wine rack and wine glass holders are great for those of you who love a splash of the red stuff!

Product Dimensions: 51.18″L x 18.11″W x 35.24″H

Rustic Solid Wood Bar

This solid wood bar looks simply stunning, complete with a wrought iron foot-rest. One of the best features of this bar apart from the fact that it is made of solid wood is that it comes fully assembled, meaning more time for drinking! There is a full-length wine rack on the inside of the bar allowing for storage of numerous bottles.

Product Dimensions: 63 Inches Wide x 19.75 Inches Deep x 42 Inches Tall




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