The 5 Best Brew Kettles

The Best Brew Kettles

Are you a passionate home brewer? Without a selection of the best home brew kettles on the market, your home brew will suffer. It’s essential to buy quality equipment, and that’s truer than ever with brewing kettles. Get the temperature or measurements wrong, and it could ruin a whole batch that you’ve pored over for weeks.

Of course, everyone has different specifications. Whether it’s money, time, or ease, you will want to choose the best home brew kettle that makes the process as straightforward as possible. Also, it has to perform to a high standard.

In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find five of the best home brew kettles on the market, reviewed for your information. Hopefully, the following will help you pick one that suits your needs and starts the magical transformation of brew into beer.

Concord Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle

The Concord Stainless Steel Stock Pot comes in various sizes, so it’s an excellent choice for brewers who want to expand their operations. Depending on the number of gallons you want to brew, you can choose the 160 or 180 Quart pot which provide 40 to 45 gallons of beer. However, there are smaller sizes, too, so the range is perfect for dedicated brewers and beginners who need to get used to the process first.

As the name suggests, it’s made from commercial-quality stainless steel to prevent burning and scorching when in contact with human skin. A fantastic side note is that the accessories are also made from the same metal (304 Stainless Steel). Brewers, then, don’t have to worry about a disconnect between the main pot and the lid. Also, the cover hangs on the side of the kettle for easy access and space-saving purposes.

The 5 Best Brew Kettles 1

This home brew kettle is a jack-of-all-trades, whether you’re a newbie or an old-hand who has brewed thousands of batches. This is our top pick and recommended best brew kettle, unless you have an unlimited budget.


  • Excellent range of products
  • Made from commercial and 304 stainless steel
  • Weld-less construction means you can easily remove lid and clean as needed
  • Comes pre-drilled
  • 180qt kettle is relatively small at 24.5" x 23.5" but still holds 45 gallons
  • Only takes ten minutes to assemble


  • Quite heavy - can weigh up to 42lbs depending on the size
  • The bottom of the pot isn't tri-ply
  • Thermometer, not thermowell so can't remove it when full of liquid
  • Comes unassembled
  • You need to provide your own tools

Anvil Brew Kettle

Drop the anvil? You can do, but it won’t make a difference to the Anvil Brew Kettle in this case as it’s insanely durable. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, it’s a very rugged and charming pot. For one thing, it’s manufactured to last a lifetime rather than a couple of years like some of the other kettles on the market. Talk about durability! The heavy, 18-gauge 304 steel makes sure the Anvil lives up to its reputation.

But, it’s more than a raw piece of equipment that doesn’t offer any more goodies. Like the MegaPot 1.2, it takes a keen interest in the fine print. So, you can expect a dual-gauge thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Also, the internal markings are in gallons and liters for more accurate measurements. And, the tri-ply bottom is induction capable, meaning you won’t need to reinforce your oven. Factor in the height of 1.2ft for optimal performance and you’ve got a kettle that covers all the bases.

The 5 Best Brew Kettles 2

However, the Anvil Brew Kettle has one final trick up its sleeve. By adding a strainer, you can transform it into an ultimate in-hop-and-trub filtration system. Or, it converts into a mash tun for all-grain brewers.

If you have a high budget then this is our best brew kettle. Anvil are the name in home brewing. The quality is incredibly high, this brew kettle really could last a lifetime. But quality doesn’t come cheap!


  • Readings are in metric and imperial measurements
  • No rivets - the kettle doesn't leak or harbor contaminations
  • Drains to within three-eighths of the pot's bottom
  • Converts into different systems for your use and pleasure
  • Durable - made to last
  • Anvil is a company dedicated to home brewing - products come with a top reputation


  • Style isn't as polished
  • High Cost

Northern Brewer - MegaPot 1.2

To call your product the “MegaPot” is a brave move, but the Northern Brewer does the name proud. There isn’t a standout feature which makes you say wow. However, the MegaPot 1.2 kettle takes the little things seriously for the sake of you, the brewer. It starts with the stainless steel material that makes it simple to clean. There’s no maintenance hassle with this kettle.

Of course, you want more than an easy-to-clean pot. Unlike many of the best brew kettles, the MegaPot stands out from the crowd by including volume markings inside the container. So, you won’t have to mess around with a magnifying glass any longer. As well as the preparation aspect of your home brew, Northern Brewer also enhance the boil with a 1.2 proportion. This reduces off-flavors by providing you with a very thorough boil. The 4mm thick bottom offers even heat distribution for a better result, too.

The 5 Best Brew Kettles 3

Lastly, the handles are silicone-coated to prevent injuries, and they are riveted to make the kettle easier to lift. If you like to cover all the bases, the MegaPot 1.2 kettle from Northern Brewer is a no-brainer. This is one of the best brew kettles for the all rounder.

The 5 Best Brew Kettles 4



  • Heavy - holds two fewer gallons than Concord and weighs 11lbs more
  • Product range is less - biggest size is 30 gallon
  • Volume markers are on the inside of the pot - can be hard to see

Bayou Classic Brew Kettle

The Bayou Classic is a complete kit, six piece set made for serious all-grain home brewers. The feature grain brewers will love is the mash tun as is the feature is essential for all-grain systems. However, it does double up as a unit for bag brewing methods, too. So, it’s incredibly versatile regardless of the process you like to use the most.

The Bayou Classic comes with a range of general features, from a tri-ply bottom to attached handles. As a result, this pot reduces scorching, and maintains a healthy boil, while being straightforward to transport. The feature that stands out the most is the false bottom. Not only is it removable for cleaning purposes, but it provides easy access for the grain to wort transfer. There’s also an interior screen to make the process simpler.

The 5 Best Brew Kettles 5

Bayou has provided an all-round home brew kettle that’s built for a variety of purposes, and that makes it a wise choice for lots of enthusiasts, but not quite one of the best brew kettles on our list.


  • Flexible - suits both all-grain and bag brewing methods
  • The False bottom means transfers are painless
  • Extra spigot screen helps transfers, too
  • Provides a better average temperature as thermometer above spigot
  • Accurate water level setting thanks to side measuring calibration


  • Spigot is too high - might need to buy a drip tube
  • Thermometer is off by a few degrees
  • Made for all-grain brews so there are better-suited brew pots
  • Too heavy for an induction over top

GasOne Brew Kettle

GasOne have created a brewing kettle that covers the major areas of home brewing. There are scale markings for measurements, a tri-ply bottom for even heat distribution, and ergonomic handles. The latter ensures that your safety is at the forefront of the experience as they are sturdy and won’t fail during the high-heating process.

One area where the GasOne differentiates itself from its rivals is with its accessories. The basics, such as a stockpot, Lid, S/S plug, and spigot are included. But, this kettle also comes with a stainless steel bolt, mini wrench, O-ring, and sealing tape included. That means there’s no need to splash out on accessories or bring your toolkit.

However, the 40-gallon brew kettle doesn’t include some of the most important features you would expect. For example, there’s no bazooka screen or false bottom. There isn’t a thermometer, either, which makes measurements hard to gauge. You can get all of these features from a six piece set, yet the cost is higher.

The 5 Best Brew Kettles 6


  • Low cost. only beaten on price by the Concord kettle
  • Well constructed and will last a long time
  • Comes with bolt, mini wrench, O-ring and sealing tape
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Suitable for range of brewers


  • No thermometer
  • Only a four piece set
  • Quite basic compared to the kettles on this list

Choosing the best brew kettle

Even with a buying guide, it’s difficult to decide which kettle is tailor-made to your needs. What if the one you want isn’t on the list?! The smartest move is to consider what you want to get out of the process. To help, take a look at the following.


Size matters because the length, width and volume of your kettle will dictate how much beer you can brew. If you’re a brew-in-bag aficionado, an old soup pot won’t suffice. However, a huge furnace-like pot doesn’t make sense either if you’re into small batches. Consider how much beer you plan on brewing first and then pick a kettle accordingly.

For example, an eight gallon pot will provide up to five gallons with ease. If you need something bigger, they go up to 45 gallons.


There’s no point in forking out on a top-of-the-range model if you don’t have the means to operate it correctly. Sure, you can learn, but you’ll end up like your brew – getting thrown in at the deep end. A wise approach is to start small and work your way up to the larger and more advanced equipment over time. Then, you won’t waste money on a kettle that you don’t like or understand.

Newbies should look for features such as a tri-ply bottom as well as insulated handles. The tri-ply levels out heat distribution, encouraging a more even boil, while the insulated handles won’t burn you if you make a silly mistake. Accurate measurement markers and settings help to avoid ruining your batch, too.


All of the kettles on this list are stainless steel, but there is another option. Aluminum is also perfectly acceptable as it’s a better conductor than steel. Although it’s less durable, it’s lighter and easier to move. The problem that you need to consider is the fact that it erodes quickly. As the metal’s reactivity is high, it will rust and wear away, causing you to repair or replace it more often than steel.

Never opt for a material other than these two. A heat-resistant polymer might be all the rage in the future, but a high-quality plastic doesn’t exist at this moment. Stainless steel and aluminum are the top metals right now.


There’s no doubt that all of the products on this list have positives that will make them a useful brewing companion. The Concord and GasOne are cost-effective and perfect for beginners as well as intermediates and professionals. The Bayou Classic is also a budget option, but it comes with plenty of bells and whistles for an upscale feel. The MegaPot is easy to transport thanks to the silicone handles, while the Anvil is durable.

But, there can only be one winner and, although it’s a tough choice, it has to be the Anvil Brew Kettle. Made to last, you can convert it into an in-hop-and-trub or all-grain system depending on your requirements. Also, the readings are in metric and imperial measurements for ease of use. While the price is the highest with the Anvil, they are a company with a stellar reputation that’s dedicated to providing high-quality brew kettles. It doesn’t disappoint with this offering.

Now that you’ve read our review of the best brew kettles on the market, the only thing left to do is buy one and start brewing. The boil is rewarding, but it’s even better when you have a beer in your hand!

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